Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Project3 Proposal

The ghost buster

You are a ghost buster. One of your client's mansion is badly haunted. He wants you to get rid off all the ghosts in his mansion.

Basic game idea :
You need to go around, searching every corners in the mansion to find ghosts. If you come to a place/room and you are suddenly being attacked (eg, electric shooting out from a lamp, table cloth beside you suddenly on fire, wall falls onto you etc), that's a clue for you that there is a ghost nearby. You are only given 1 life to go through the mansion. If you are being hit 5 times by an object during the course of the game, you will lose your life. So when these things happen, you have to react immediately by picking up a defense equipment or tools from nearby to defense yourself and to dodge these attacks. When a ghost is being found, you can use the ghost buster tools to catch the ghost.

Your job is to catch all the ghosts in the mansion before you can leave.

Level Design :
Inside a haunted mansion, the environment is dark and the lights are dim. This mansion is huge, having several floors and many rooms. Each floor in the mansion have different design (eg, basement has carpark, store room etc; 1st floor has lounge, dinning room etc; 2nd floor has long corridor, bedrooms, small library etc... )

Characters : the ghost buster and ghosts

Camera angle : 3rd person

Music : musics that create an eerie atmosphere

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