Saturday, April 19, 2008

Project2 Concept

Hungry Buzzy

General game idea:
Fizzy Buzzy is hungry, so he went out to search for food. His aim is to collect 30 cherries, and not to get killed, during his course of journey.

The camera perspective will be from fizzybuzy's perspective, which everything will be large and giant around him.

Levels design:
The game consists of 3 levels. Started off the first stage in a bedroom, where traps are put all over the room. So while searching for foods in the room, Fizzy buzzy needs to beware of these traps to avoid getting hurts. After collecting all the foods in the bedroom, Fizzy buzzy then move on to the second stage, which is the storeroom. Instead of traps, storeroom has spider webs all over the place, which Fizzy Buzzy has to look out for. Through jumping out the window, Fizzy Buzzy comes to the third stage, the garden. In the garden, Fizzy Buzzy will search through plants and trees to find his foods. Finally, Fizzy Buzzy will arrive at his home which is at the back of the garden.

bedroom level

storeroom level

garden level

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