Monday, June 16, 2008

The City

A layout of the city in blender, ready to be exported for unity.

top view:

will see how it goes when imported into unity. Will expend the area if needed.

Level design - City

This will be the city where Splice fight the final boss ~~

These are the houses I made for this city level. 4 different houses, and 2 version of texture for each house.

Here goes the houses.

and.. this is a electric wire pole that I've made:

test tube model in blender

I've model up a test tube in blender and animated the "sperm-like-thingie" in it.
Have tried to texture it half transparent, but couldn't make it. So, I've pass it over to Jess for texturing ~~

Character version 3.0

This is the third version of my character, with digging ability.

extra characters

I’ve made 2 extra characters so far, will make more~~

These 2 characters are fully modeled, textured, and animated. Ready to be included in the game~ yay~

And… this is the modified version of the worm, as the earlier one I’ve made doesn’t really match in with the style…

Character modelling

This is wobby. Wobby is small, flexible, and can move at great speed. Has a strong and powerful tail which can help him to smash things that are in his way. Useful when needs to go through holes or narrow pathways.

Project3 - Splice

character design sketches

character 1: fish-like, can swim, small

character 2: giant, strong, heavy, iron/rock-like

character 3: worm-like, small, its tail can extend to front for defence/ attack purpose

Level design for character 3:

narrow pathway that leds to a stage that has enemies. After defeating all the enemies at that stage, the player need to find the way to the next stage. There are few pathways, the player needs choose which way to go. Some are linked to enemies, some are linked to no where, Only 1 will be the correct pathway that led to the next stage. The aim is to find the correct pathway and complete all stages.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The HungryBuzzy game

Play the game ---> == Hungry Buzzy==

Problem with the control key

At some point, fizzybuzzy isn't going to the right direction with the control key. I've asked Kah to help with this problem, and he'd notice that this is because of my fizzybuzzy model has been rotated before, and so some the arrow keys wasn't pointing with the same direction with others. This can confused unity.

I've try to fix up this problem by re-exporting the model from blender without any rotation in the model and bring it into unity, but the model appear to be standing at wrong position(standing on 2 legs, up-right position), and i still need to rotate it for it to stand on the right position (4 legs on ground). So, this is no difference form before, the model still need to be rotated.

I've tried other methods as well but still couldn't get it fix, so i guess i'll have to leave it the way it is.

Monday, April 28, 2008

work progress... 25/04

Continue adding spider webs, jump pads, and collectable item to the garden level and playing a bit with the lighting on the terrain to see which type of lighting can acheive the best result.

Made a GUI skin for Hungry Buzzy, but the text size is too small. Need to figure out how to make the text size bigger.

Also, I've model up a small hut in unity, which would be the home of Fizzy Buzzy.

GUI skin

FizzyBuzzy's Home