Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FizzyBuzzy in unity

==== FizzyBuzzy ===

-- 360 degree view

-- animation

Progress... 25/03

The unity project that I finished yesterday had... crushed...!

I have to redo it all over again! fun!
It didn't take too long as I have already went through it yesterday, but I've made a new game environment for FizzyBuzzy, just a simple one, but hope that FizzyBuzzy will like it.

Progress... 21/03 - 24/03

Have look through lots of blender and unity tutorials on:
- uv mapping
- texturing
- lighting
- animation
- texture into unity
- unity 3D platform tutorial


It's easter Friday!!

I've spend quite some time doing the uv mapping, cutting parts up and unwrap them. The other parts was actually alright, just the front legs takes me quite some time to get it unwrap right. The texturing part after that went pretty fine.

-- uv mapping

-- bring the texture back into blender and apply it to the model


Went to Paraparamu beach in the morning, had lots of fun! Had "best fish and chips in Kapiti" for lunch, and that was indeed yummy!!!

Came back quite late in the afternoon. Begin doing blender at around 10pm. Started off by looking through tutorials on animation, then try to get my character to animate some basic movement such as hopping. After getting more fermilliar with animating, I decided to make a cycle with 3 animations: walk, hop and fly. I've also do a truntable view of my character. Finally, I finishes the work at 4am.


Bring my rendered images into quicktime and export them as a quicktime movie.
Exported my character and all its animation in fbx format and bring them into unity. In unity, I notice that my character has holes all over its body. I've email Kah about this problem and ask for his help, and he told me this might be either my model having multiple vertices at some point, or there are parts with no weight on them. So I went back to blender and checked both, then export it again, and problem solved!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Progress... 19/03

After going through the rigging tutorial, I can rig my model with not much problem. After finish rigging, I started weight painting. Then problem... everything went so slow when I trying to paint. I ask for help from Kah, and he told me that this might be because of the subsurf I used. Each level of subsurf will slow it down 4 times, and i have apply 3 levels to my model... 64 times slower... great... but luckily I have my model before applying subsurf saved, so Kah help me to replace the model with subsurf with the one without subsurf, and ploblem solved!

-- rigging my model

-- weight painting is taking me ages to get the right weight on each bones.

Progress... 12/03 - 18/03

week : 12/03 - 18/03

I started building parts of my model with several seperated block of meshes but then I was told that by doing it this way my model would not look real when come to animation. So I decided to start again builing my model out of a cube. By the end of the week, I got the model of my creature done and finished.

My first model was build with seperated meshes.

Starting again. Building out from a cube.

finished model.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fizzy Buzzy

Introducing... Fizzy Buzzy

Fizzy Buzzy is a small little creature which its maximum size can only be up to around 2.5 cm and weights no more than 8 grams. It lives in bushes, and its body color, basically green and a bit brownish on the legs and wings, allow it to hide itself among the plants and leaves.
Fizzy Buzzy couldn't walk very fast, but its strong back legs and its pair of wings allow it to hop fast and fly away from any danger situation. The "horns" that were grew on its body is for self defense purpose, protecting it from being harm by other predators.


flamboyant flower beetle - description

The flamboyant flower beetle or striped love beetle, is one of the most brightly colored members of the scarab beetle family. Their shells seem to have a prismatic quality, refracting the ambient light to give the green of their carapace a rainbow tint. The flower beetle lives in the rainforests of Africa, where it feeds on the nectar and pollen of flowers. The larvae of the flower beetle live in decaying wood, feeding on dead wood and leaf litter. Adults reach lengths of 25-40 mm. Their trademark Y shaped horn is displayed by males to fight over females.

--From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Blender - basic model