Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Problem with the control key

At some point, fizzybuzzy isn't going to the right direction with the control key. I've asked Kah to help with this problem, and he'd notice that this is because of my fizzybuzzy model has been rotated before, and so some the arrow keys wasn't pointing with the same direction with others. This can confused unity.

I've try to fix up this problem by re-exporting the model from blender without any rotation in the model and bring it into unity, but the model appear to be standing at wrong position(standing on 2 legs, up-right position), and i still need to rotate it for it to stand on the right position (4 legs on ground). So, this is no difference form before, the model still need to be rotated.

I've tried other methods as well but still couldn't get it fix, so i guess i'll have to leave it the way it is.

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